Monday, 20 April 2015

Parody Week 2: TV Tropes


There are all kinds of tropers in the world, with a variety of skills and from a variety of backgrounds. They could be butchers, bakers or candlestick makers, but occasionally a troper will not only report on tropes and read them, but they will create them as well.

These people are often refered to as Paratropers . . . by me, at least. More people might use that term if it goes mainstream, but for now it's just me. Anyway, this Troper at least, sometimes will refer to these people as "paratropers".

From the Greek prefix "para-" meaning beside and the Latin-based neologism "troper" meaning one who tropes - a paratroper is a content creator that is a troper as well.

This is the ultimate proof that Tropes are not Bad. Not only are they fascinating reading, often funny or informative, but they can be used by creators to create more interesting songs, stories, scripts and shows. Of course, this is no guarantee that troping is beneficial for your art.

This can be the cause of Trope Overdosed and a lot of In-Jokes in their work. But this doesn’t mean that a paratroper must be good just because they trope; If a paratroper is That Troper it might even explain why their writing is so bad.

Can be related to Most Fanfic Writers Are Fans.

Not to be confused with paratrooper. Or a pair o' tropers. Or a parot roper. or a pirate troper. Or an overly long gag.



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  • It is assumed that at least one member of Machinae Supremacy is a troper, due to the content and titles of their music, but this is as yet unconfirmed.

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