Wednesday, 27 August 2014

So Real . . .

Okay, here's how it is. I'm sorry that I'm slowing down with posts, but things are a bit hectic this week. Not only did my girlfriend finish her school holidays meaning she's been more busy, but my latest Duke Forever chapter has hit a major snag and I've got an interview in the morning for a potential job.
So everything's a bit anxious, exciting and frustrating, but most of all, it's busy. So, I didn't have much time to write a blog post this week. In fact, I don't really have time to write a full post, and my backlog has become dusty and fallen into disuse. So . . . I went looking through my documents to find something that was worth sharing, while also being something written by my own hand.
In that search, I found some of my old dream diary, and I thought I could share some of that with you this evening.

See, I don't dream very often, but when I do I like to write down what the dream was about. It's good writing practice, because dreams are so weird. After all, if you're capable of accurately describing the unusual circumstances within a dream then, then surely, you can accurately describe a dialogue between two characters.
So, this blog post will just be some of my more interesting dreams which I've written in my online dream diary. The Word of the Day is: 'SURREAL'

Surreal /sə'reeəl/ adj. 1. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of surrealism, an artistic and literary style; surrealistic. 2. Having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic: Surreal complexities of the bureaucracy. ♦adj. 3. The surreal, the atmosphere or qualities evoked by surrealism.

To save time, I'm copy-pasting the documents, wholesale. I don't remember when I dreamt these. In fact, I wrote a lot of them a long time after I dreamt them, so I don't remember all of the details. As a result, these are in no particular order.

From the document "Bubblegum Wash.docx":
In this dream I was at my school and all the floors were made of shiny marble. This was because we were cleaning all the floors with scrubbing brushes, soap suds and water. There were heaps of other students around (they didn’t seem to represent people at all, I just knew they were students). We were all in pairs, called cleaning buddies. And in the dream me and my buddy were cheating somehow because we were using bubblegum (I don’t know how that helps, but this was a dream, so deal with it). Somehow, it got rid of the really hard  bits. However, when the other guys realized that we were cheating ,my cleaning buddy got real scared. Then we split up and we were running for our lives. Near the end of the dream, I was being chased up some stairs by a pair of cleaning buddies, and I saw another student near the top, so then I suddenly could run really fast (I think it had something to do with the bubblegum) and everyone else was in slow motion. And just as I ran past the student at the top of the stairs, I woke up.

From the document "Terrorist Tryst.docx":
the first part is a little bit vague, and I can’t remember it, but the first thing I saw was an old, brown car riding in the far away street outside my building’s window, In the car I could see (or at least, somehow earlier in my dream I knew) that my brother, aunt and cousins were in the car. It was driving fast. Then, somehow it cut to me, standing at my window, watching the car pass behind a short building. As it drove off, I think the television was on or radio, and it said something about terrorists. Then, as quick as a blink, at the spot where the car was there was an enourmous explosion. Light-brown dust flung in every direction and billowed against my building. As the concussive force of the explosion hit the building, I could hear a loud noise that I can’t remember (except for knowing that it was loud) and for some reason my vision flipped to the right, as though I was standing on the wall. As the dust settled (and I was standing up normal again) I ran into my parent’s balcony. Mum and Dad were standing in the balcony, calming watching the place where the explosion occurred. And I remember one of them saying something like “Well, that’s the end of him.”
and then I woke up.

From the document "Doggone Whistle.docx":
I was lying on the couch in the living room, when I fell asleep and didn't realize I did. So then I got up . . . in the dream of course. Can't get up when you're asleep. So then I got up and looked out the window. And . . . now see I fell asleep in the day time, so it was weird in the dream looking outside, because it was daytime outside, so I thought i was awake. And the . . . well, the outside the window was different from what it was originally, but I wasn't paying attention. So, there was this, well there were horses and policemen, and they were sitting on the horses. But that's not important.
Hey, it was a dream, it's not all important. Well actually it is. You know the meaning of life is revealed to us through dreams? It's true, but we all forget it by morning, so it's pretty frustrating . . . or worse, it's in dream logic, so no one can understand it: Like bubblegum that makes you run faster. Seriously I had a dream where bubblegum. But that's not important. And neither were the horses, because there was this dog. And this err, it was a doberman or some enourmous thing, and err . . . well it was huge and it's master, some hippy-like 20-year-old, couldn't hold onto . . .well, he could hold onto it, but he couldn't control it. And the dog was running away from him. Well, trying to run away, of course, the guy was hanging onto the leash. But see, the dog was running wild, dragging this dude all around the place it was pretty wild. The policemen weren't doing anything, useless. I mean I said they were unimportant, and they are, but really I thought I was awake, and I was disappointed that they couldn't help this man getting dragged around all "AAAAARGH! . . . help and AAAGH!!"
very poor policing . . .
Okay now, I have this whistle see. This super-epic dog whistle that I do. And it doesn't work, but see, when I was a kid I heard about dog whistles, and how dogs can hear it even though we can't, because it's like hypersonic, and so they react to it, but you can't hear it. NOw when I was younger, I realized that I could whistle through my teeth really high pitched, and the idiot I was, I believed that dogs could hear it and that nobody else could. Right. I thought that I was the master of dogs with my high pitched whistle.
Now, of course, this doesn't work. But in my dream, I forgot that. So, I whistled at this dog, this huge dog dragging the guy around. And, I swear this is true . . . well, you know, for the dream anyway.
Because I live in a building. Up really high, on the fourth floor . . . well it's not high, but it's high for a dog see.
Because I whistled this dog, and he came to me . . . up on the fourth floor. He scaled the building, dragging the guy after him. Now I had to like . . . jump back from the window see, because he was HUGE! And he came right through the window, dragging the guy after him. Now, I was just . . . bewildered. Because I thought this was real, so I well, I closed the window, because I didn't want the dog to escape, and then preceded, in bewilderment, to talk to this guy. Now, I checked that he was okay, and the enourmous dog was just sitting in the corner, panting, and I was asking the guy, yeah, 'You alright?" hes' like, "yeah, sure mate." Though he was all scratched to shit up his arms, and his hand was twisted, cos, he was holding the leash with it. And I went in the next room, where my family was, and made sure everyone was okay, asked if they were worried about mess and stuff, because the guy was bleeding and the dog's paws were dirty with rubble and whatever destruction it had raged. And I was just so . . . WOW, cos I was amazed that a dog had the strength to pull itself and a man up the wall. And then I woke up . . .
That was shitfull. I mean, I spent all that time bewildered and all that, surprised and amazed, thinking of the scientific articles I could write, get so much money, reporting this, go on the news, get my novel off the ground . . . And it was all a dream. My life, people. This is my life. My life is an empty dream that I woke up from.

From the document "Midnight Phonebox.docx":
This was a very strange dream. I was at home, alone in the dark, and I wanted to know where everyone else had gotten to. So, I called a taxi on the phone.
But I don’t know what it was, I guess I skipped a scene or something because the next thing I knew I was suddenly in the middle of nowhere. It was basically a T-Intersection. I was standing atop the peak of the ‘T’, and on the left side of the road, across from me, was a streetlight on the corner, and slightly behind it was a phone box. I crossed the road over toward the telephone box, but I didn’t have any money, so I stood around in the dark for a while.
There must have been another scene skip, because the next thing I knew I had some money and I went to the phone. I couldn’t see the numbers on the phone, so I somehow pulled the streetlight down and shone the light into the phonebox. There was yet another scene skip and I was hanging up the phone. I stood around in the dark a bit more, then decided to use the phone again. But when I stepped up to the phone I remembered that I had no money left, so I tried pressing the “refund money” button to get some money.
And I was lucky enough to have it spit out a twenty cent coin. I went to put it in the phone, but stopped when I decided to press the “refund money” button again.
So I press it, and it pops out another coin. I press it again and it pops out more, and I press it again, press it again and again and again and again until (even though I pressed it like 50 times) I had a handful of about 3-5 coins.
But as I held the coins, I realized I had no pockets to put them into. I can’t remember what happened next, but I woke up later.
- - -

Thank you for reading. That's what my brain does while I'm asleep. I will let you know how my job interview thing goes and I want to get back to updating more regularly, without having to resort to combing through my old documents for material.
Until next time, I'm the Absurd Word Nerd, and I need to get to bed early for tomorrow. So, I hope I have sweet dreams, and I hope you do too.

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