Sunday, 19 May 2013

Drunk Responsibly

Today is Turesday the 8th of May, and I'm drunk/

For the longwest dime, in my plans, I have watnted to do a drunk post. I have held off pecause, I do not get drunk on m,y own. If youi want to drink, the best idea is to do it amongst people you know and trust, and so I have been waiting for a mommebnt to do this when I can be drunk in a safe environment. Today I am, so you can enjoy the pleasure or freading my bad spellling abnd grammer.
the WORD of trwe Day is: 'DRUNK':

Drunk /drungk/ adj. 1. Under the influence of alcohol. 2. Controlled by strong feelings (followed by with): drunk with joy; drunk with success. n. Colloquial 3. Someone who is drunk; drunkard. ♦v. 4. Past participle of drink. -drunken, adj. 

I am Australian, so I like to drink. It is a [part of our culture, and it helps to define the people we have becme. But if you are reading this,. I want you to remember to DRINK RESPONSIBLY. I am not promoting drinking, and I am certyainly niot promoting binge drinking.
bUT THE fact is. drining alcohol is a prt of the Australian cutluire, whether we want t o admit it aor not>

Damn, nmy spelling is worse than I thought.

The original; plan was to have a drink every paragraph, but that went out the window.

Likie everything that is enjoyabkle, drinking has its upsides and downsiides. For one, you can't spell. But more importabtly, co-ordination adn self-control go out the fickiong window. The filter that exists betweeen who you are, and who you want tyo present yojuself as: That does not existr.
I have been ateempting (badly) to not swear throughout this post, and I am failing because that is who I am while drinking. I am the unfiltered me.
|Which leads me tothe upsides. You can'
t fake it. You can't pretend you're cool when you'tre not, you can't axct like som,eone you're not, you have to be you. It's an experien ce worth  experimenting with, This can be defined as an upside or a down, but I thinjk it is an uspide. Aso long as you're not dangerous, it's good so see who you really are. It's good to make sure you're not going therough life pretending thatr you're who you are, when reaLLy you're a regular pewrson who doesn't know how to deal; with wheat comes your way.

Of course, theres issues with liver damage and kidneys and biological mescellany, but so long as you drink responsibly, that is not a n issue. What m,atters is that you respect your host. Respect your self and respect the nightr. Because wqith lowetred inhibitions and dfrunken participants, you ca n easily take advantaqge. Ao *so* make sure that you are in contrlo.

And don'[t take yourself too seriously. This whole post I have been trying to talk straight, and it is grinding my nmental gears to their limit. So long as you're not out on the street, and are around people you can trust. njust go nuts with it. Because drinking is like setting off a bomb. So long as you'tre understanding what you're up to, and reaqlize that it's a dangerout s plan, then remove the anger [danger8*] and enhjoy you're youer (I can't spell) youir true, unfiltered self.

GodDAMN I am barely half-way through the post/
Mkay. Uh . . .l I am really fond of Bundaberg Rum. If you haven't tasted it, I'm sorry, it is an excluseively Australian alcoholic beverage, so you'll have to visit outr shores to taste it. Tonight, I've been goning mad with Asahi and "Wild Turkey". Asahi is weak, but Wild Turkey is worth a taste if you mix it right.

I have been planning this post sincve the beginning, but I havent had a computer handy when Ive bneen ba out drinking with mates . I've al;ready pmentioned i,t, buyt you really should do this aqround people that you trust. The first time I was drinking, I was with a girl I was courting, adn I was not sure what it woukld do to me.  I thought that having a drinmk would turn me into an anti-social asshole. Bit the truth is, so long as you are a kibd kind* person in regular life ,you're not going to be bad while drinking,. You're not going to cange dramaticlally, itr's just going to be you, multiplied by the power of liquor.

I am running out of things to sau. Say*.

Oh, heres a fun one!

In my experinecence, when you restric alcohol from kids, as in, if you do the French thing [link?] where you allow children to drink winde, they get over it pretty quick. Y'know, if yuo pretend alcohol is this dangerous thing that causes pain and death and car accidents - then kids rebel against it. They think that parents are bmaking a big deal about it.l Like tyhey do with nmost illicit substances. But the truth is, alcohol IS dangerous, but like most dangerous substances, it can be controlled.

When we make tgjhese horror stories, about kids who drink adn end up jumping off balcomnies, or kid who end up dying in char CAR* accidents, we are l dilluting the truth. The truth is that alcohol IS a confusibng, obfuscating, mi MIND-altering substance. But it's all about safety; environment & control.

So long as you't are not a morojn, it's not dangerous.

See, as much as I am having trouble controllngi this computer - I'm not driving a car, I' am not controllinbg heavy machinery or wandering around in public. I am at a frien'ds house, safe and spun - SOUND, watching movies, playing ganes GAMES& GAMES* and avoiding strangers and difficult situations.

(beyond spelling)

So I am casuing no harm to anyone.

Oh, I just remember.ed. One thing  I wanted to talk about was "Drinking to get Drunk". Some people frown upon it, but I don't understand that  concept. I IF I was drinking because I lied the (liked) the flavour, I would drink non-alcoholic drinks or something funjky with no effect, like sarsparilla. I would drink water & orange drink and enk enjoy the night withy a clear head. Bit BUT*, I don';t want to do that. I am not going to pretend that alcohol is some other drink like sarsparilla, apple juice or tang. I drink to get drunk because that is what alcohol offers me. I like to know that when I have no filter I can still manage to spell correctly.
I like to know that when I drink I can talk to people without insulting them.
I like to jknow that when I drink I'm not going to make a complete foole of myself.
I can't pretend tyhat wine is some 'pretentious' drink for rich people. The fact is, I submit to that bitter or harsh flavour because I want to feel the effects of the drink. I want to lose myself a little. I want to rprove tghat I am who I am, even when aeffected by the Creature.

Mklay, I've wrtitten enoucgh.

I hope you've enjoyed this. If not, dopnm't pworry. Ths Tgh This was a one-time experiment. I'll be getting back to proper postinbg for my next due date deadline.

In the meantime feel d free to commebnt. Let me know wh HOW you feel about drinking alcohol - especially "Drinking to get xdrrunk" and remenb REMEMBER:

Drink Responsibly.

I'm the absurd Word Nerd, and I'm gojng to getr another drink.

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