Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rock Liebster

I'm starting to think that it's getting a bit heavy, here. Gun Laws, Gender issues & a complex, half-constructed Duke Forever chapter. It's time to lighten up and have fun. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of something to talk about today . . .
Which is lucky, because today, someone else came up with something for me. Niranjana Menon of "Cascades of Dreams" has nominated me for a Liebster Award, and today, in this blog post, I have chosen to accept it!
Yes, today's a special, "award winning" edition of the Absurd Word Nerd, so no Word of the Day, (although, everyone should probably look up what "neutrality" means, and what it means to you).

But today's post is all about taking the steps necessary to accept my award. See, the idea is simple. I need to answer 11 questions; provide 11 random facts; choose 5-11 new nominees to receive the award, ask them 11 questions, then I've officially earned my award. This is just a fun "community award", the idea is just to promote your blog, and those who have nominated, and those that have nominated you. So, since this is awarded to me, I hope you learn something about me, and find more blogs to enjoy. Alright, no more preamble, let's do this!

Eleven Questions to the Nominee [Me]

1. Who are you? (The philosophical side of the question)
I'm a thinker, a lover and a patient man. But more than anything else, I am a storyteller.
2. Who is your favorite person in this whole world?
In all honesty, my girlfriend.
3. A book that makes you smile or cry?
No book has ever made me cry, I don't tend to read those kinds of book but one book that makes me smile is The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde.
4. You can change the world. How will you?
I'd get rid of all disease and sickness. Just poof nobody gets sick anymore, that would make it all easier.
5. Favorite memory?
The nights at Hampson Street.We used to have so much fun there, and with the addition of alcohol to those times, it's all sort of melded together in my mind into one great night of games, jokes, mates, fun, revelry, music, laughing, madness & waking up the next day with a smile. But, if you want just one memory, I have to pick the night when we met Drunk McBeardley, that was a good night.
6. Favorite blogs or bloggers?
Well, I don't want to repeat myself, so I've picked two bloggers who aren't eligible for nomination (you must have less than 200 followers to recieve this award). So, I quite like Benjamin "Yahtzee" Croshaw & Robert "MovieBob" Chipman.
7. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate. Vanilla is just suited to ice-cream, if you ask me, and chocolate has more variety. Also, if you own a vanilla-scented "air freshener" in your car, I just think you've spilled ice-cream and can't be arsed cleaning it up. Chocolate wins.
8. What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom means more giving, because you can; and less taking, because you don't have to.
9. If you could be anybody (including fictional characters) for a day, who would 
you be?
If he came with the Mk. VI armour, I'd go Tony Stark. I would have a hell of a lot of fun playing around with that. Then again, if I could keep the accessories, I'd go the Doctor and TARDIS. So, in the event that I can't play with their toys, I'd have to go with Harry Dresden, because magic is awesome.
10. Organised or disorganised?
Ordered chaos. For me, organization isn't "cleaning up" so much as it's "putting mess in the right places". I choose to call that Organized, but some would disagree. On the outside, it may look like everything's neat, but if you actually look inside my in-tray, physical filing system, virtual filing system, bookshelf, notepads or planning books, you could very easily get lost.
11. What makes you happy?
When other people tell me, with sincerity, that they appreciate me and/or what I do.
I hope that answers your questions, and teaches you a little more about me. Now, onto the hardest part of this post, eleven random, arbitrarily selected facts relating to me. This took me a while to find, so I hope you appreciate these . . .

Eleven Random Facts about Me
  1. If I had been born a girl, my parents would have called me "Jessica".
  2. I am tongue-tied, so I can't stick my tongue out much further than a centimetre.
  3. I'm a dog person, because I think cats are smelly, evil and don't love you.
  4. I just counted all of my books in my bookshelves and scattered around my room. I own 351 books.
  5. This fact is actually the last fact I wrote for this list, but it's here because I am obsessed with literary structure and flow in writing, to the point that I have re-ordered every one of these lists to appeal to my subjective sense of structure which can't be easily explain.
  6. When I was really young, I wanted to be a train driver, because my favourite show on television was Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (which had the best theme song ever).
  7. I'm arachnophobic, so I hate spiders, all of them, they're disgusting little crawlies. The only good spider is a dead spider, and even then their spindly corpses are creepy and weird (eughk).
  8. According to the visual acuity test I took online, my vision without my glasses is worse than 20/200, so with the naked eye, I am legally blind.
  9. Every girl I have ever had a crush on has had a name ending with an "ah" sound: (Georgia, Leah, Pranisha, Hannah, Gemma, Rhea & Cristiana) - and my girlfriend's real name also ends with an "ah"; but on this blog I call her Beloved.
  10. I don't mind the sight of blood, but when I think about veins I feel icky and eughk. [I think the proper, scientific term is "syncopic"].
  11. I was born 13 days before Halloween.

That's even more about me, how self-serving . . . but this isn't all about me. Allow me to introduce you to five blogs that I read, and the bloggers that write them. Because they too are deserving of this Liebster Award. I've looked up the rules, and you are allowed to pick 5-11 nominees, so I've picked the best of the best, all they have to do is accept them.

The Nominees are:

Constance Burris
- My Dark Twisted Make-Believe
Lexy Gray
Every Day Love Tips
M.R. Pritchard
- Secret Life of a Townie
Miss Jazz
- Thoughts and Views That Matter
Priya Sridhar
- A Nameless Author

As for questions . . . I couldn't actually think of any. So I turned to some famous musicians to ask the questions for me. Yes I am serious, these are the questions, if you have trouble just answer these questions as you interpret them, to the best of your ability.

My Questions to the Nominees
  1. Who are You? [the Who]
  2. Are you Happy Now? [Michelle Branch]
  3. Who Do You Want to Be? [Oingo Boingo]
  4. Will You Be Ready? [Imogen Heap ft. Murdock]
  5. Where's Your Head At? [Basement Jaxx]
  6. What is Love? [Haddaway]
  7. Turn Down For What? [DJ Snake & Lil Jon]
  8. What's your Flava? [Craig David]
  9. Do you Believe in Magic? [The Lovin' Spoonful]
  10. (is there) Life on Mars? [David Bowie]
  11. Any Advice? [Nonpoint]

Alright, this was a lot of fun. Thank you all so much, and thanks again to Miss Menon for nominating me for this award, I accept it gladly; I truly appreciate it. But that's all for now, I hope you had fun, I certainly did.

I'm the Absurd Word Nerd, and the next post is going to be a fiction post - a Duke Forever chapter - and they take a while. So, until next time, why not check out the blogs of these amazing girls (I don't know why most of the bloggers I know are girls, maybe girls are naturally better at writing). But anyway, please check them out, they will probably be accepting their Liebster wards soon enough, and I for one am looking forward to them.


  1. hey Matt..thank you for nominating made me feel proud of myself and that's quite a difficult thing to achieve, trust me ;) I am accepting this and can't wait to get home to reply to the questions and ask others in return ;)

    1. also, great to see you're so...musical ;)

  2. Thank you for nominating me as well. I look forward to answering the question and finding five new blogs to nominate. Didn't know that David Bowie sang; explains his popularity.

    1. Haha, yes he sings. He was famous for singing long before he started acting or whatever else he does now. Wow, I have so much stuff I need to show you now. Just wait until you learn about Ziggy Stardust.


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