Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Much Too Perfect Weekend

I had the most perfect time last weekend. Me and my family went down to visit my gran.

Auntie Denise was there. And the cousins. Like Peter. Oh, my god, Peter, we had a few laughs
Mum went shopping and got a new dress. A green one. It's not usually her colour.

Shopping's not really my thing, but I went along anyway. What else could I do.
City's not like it is back home, it's friendlier. It's nice to talk to strangers sometimes.
Right after we went shopping we went to see a movie together. I haven't done that in ages.
Each of us got some popcorn, except for Gran. It gets stuck in her dentures!
And that afternoon we had a roast. Just like we always do at Gran's house.
My favourite part was the desert though, custard tart. I ate like 3 serves of that!
I felt tired, but the rest of the family wanted to watch a film, so I joined in anyway.
Nobody could get the telly working though, so we just told old family stories.
Grandpa told us about the time he lost his car in the city and spent the day looking for it.

Oh yeah, I'd heard that story before a hundred times, but I can't complain.
Night was really getting dark then, so we all went to bed.

Then the next day, we went down to the old fishing hole.
Herring are supposed to be all about this time of year, but we didn't catch any.
Everyone else had fun though. But it was just what I was expecting.

I can't complain really, it was a fun time. At least . . . I think it was.
Not like it was any different from last year.
Sure we did it all last year. The shopping, the movies, the fishing.
I didn't complain last year, did I? Or the year before that. I just accept it.
Don't worry, there's nothing wrong. There can't be. I just accept that this is my life.
Every single year.


  1. I'm interested to know, so leave me a comment if you've managed to read "between the lines" as it were.


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