Sunday, 24 March 2013

When the Lights go Out


  1. I left a comment, and then it looked like there were 2 of the same, so I deleted it and it deleted everything.
    So I'll try to rewrite:
    I really like this post. It's artsy and unique. It's nice not seeing "Times New Roman," or "Helvetica" or "Garamond." Plus it's on unlined paper, and you wrote in mostly straight lines. I can't even do that sober...

    1. I'm surprised the first comment wasn't: "I can't read your handwriting." so thanks for that. My ability to write in straight lines without guidelines comes from frustration, obsession and practice. I just like neat lines.
      Fun Fact of the Day: I write in Courier because I am somewhat pretentious. But my favourite font is 'Bookman Old Style'. I can't stand any fonts that are sans serif!


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